Student Testimonial

Manvika NairB.Sc in Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics
I was really excited to hear from such renowned faculty for LSI. This course is really appealing to me as it would benefit humanity. Luke Sir and the other professors explained the importance of lifestyle and diet which is the key to our health. As said by Luke Sir, ”Lifestyle is a magic drug” which I would definitely keep in mind, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful journey in this Health Industry.
Jahnvi ThakerPG Diploma in Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics
First of all, I’m truly excited, motivated, and looking forward to the course. This is an opportunity to fulfill a long-standing dream to be associated with Mr. Luke Coutinho and to learn under his mentorship. Today’s session has actually reinforced my belief about a holistic approach towards life. Lastly, after graduating from the programme, I see myself as the most effective and successful nutritionist. Thank you.
Mukhraj SinghMukhraj SinghB.Sc in Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics
I was quite inspired and too eager to continue this journey. I see myself doing a lot of great things in the future. I mean there can be a lot so thank you so much.
Student Testimonial - Meera NagariaMeera NangariaPG Diploma in Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics
The two things that really motivated and inspired me by Luke is the first thing that he said was, “walk the talk” and the second thing that he said is “Leave a legacy behind you by changing lives”. I think this is going to be my motto while I am studying and taking this particular thing ahead. Thank you.
LSI Student - KajalKajal DevdigaB.Sc in Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics
After enrolling in this programme, I became more appreciative of the importance of food, mental health, and lifestyle. Furthermore, Luke Sir said that “Being effective is more important than being the best”, and there is no greater happiness than seeing people getting cured and becoming happy. Now not only will I embark on this journey and pursue this course but also spread awareness about the importance of food because it is always better to get cured with good food than medicines.
LSI Student - Tanvi JainTanvi JainPG Diploma in Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics
After attending sessions by our faculty members and Luke Sir himself, one thing I realized is that LSI takes a holistic approach to wellness which means it focuses on everything that helps you grow, helps you nourish, and not just on the food that you put on the weight. Having said that I am so obliged to have gotten this opportunity to study from the most reputed people and I want to make the most out of it. Thank you.
LSI Student - SakinaSakina SanchawalaPG Diploma in Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics
The knowledge shared by Mr. Luke Coutinho and his team of a talented team of doctors and nutritionists, their enthusiasm to teach the course has got me super excited to start my postgraduate studies. I am glad I chose this course as I am sure I’ll build a great career in the same as I have learned from the best.

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