Student Testimonial

Khan Ifra Firdous
LSI institute is a nice institute. The teachers are very interactive towards each and every student and the teachers are very cooperative too. The management is very good. The management is very careful for each and every one. They always help us in everything and make us feel comfortable. Each and every faculty is very sweet they help us to overcome from our problems.
Ekram Patel
The course has been going pretty smoothly. The faculty also seems versed in the topics and subjects they are assigned. The expertise of Luke sir, always is a great help. I hope to excel in the field under the mentorship of these accomplished individuals.
Loveera Patel
LSI is a place that feels like my second home! I have done my Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics from LSl and now I’m pursuing my Master’s degree from LSl Institute. I have learnt so many things and this journey has been nothing but a rollercoaster! They have the best faculty teaching staff providing us with the best knowledge, multiple events and activities to participate, learn from and enjoy! The most favourite part is IV tours where we not only visit various places but learn so much more in detail by practically viewing and understanding stuff. LSI is a beautiful place to learn and explore and I have had an amazing experience.
Hrutali Shirodkar
The commitment and passion demonstrated by the faculty members at LSI have significantly enriched my learning journey. Their availability and willingness to help students succeed are commendable. I am having a wonderful experience at LSI Institute.
Devansh Ghildiyal
It has been quite a memorable time since I joined LSI Institute. I got to learn a lot from the experienced faculty members, made new friends and got to attend many masterclasses, industrial visit to some of the best industries like oil factory, etc. and many wonderful seminars. We even got to volunteer in the organization of an international conference “VishwaSwasthyam 2024” organized by LSI. Overall my experience at LSI has been very good so far.
Ishani Mitra
At LSl Institute, we experience great exponential learning in the form of experiential learning. The faculty members at LSl are super helpful and experienced in the subject they teach. The curriculum that LSI offers is a new-age curriculum to prepare the students for the professional world.
Joybel Jhony Tunkal
I would like to say that it’s been a good experience here at LSI Institute especially coordinators are supportive. The professors are kind and help us to gain knowledge and also in understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I like the way they teach and clear all of our doubts even if it is silly. LSI Institute also conducts seminars and conferences so that we can know more about the nutrition field by inviting special mentors like Luke Coutinho sir, Prof. Dr.Subhadra ma’am, Hardika ma’am and many more.
Shaikh Rufaida Farazi
I feel grateful to be a student at LSI Institute. They encourage the students to believe in themselves. They take care of all the students individually. They organize seminars, workshops, International Conference, webinars, industrial visits, masterclasses for the betterment of students to gain additional knowledge over and above the defined curriculum.
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