Experiential Learning

We are committed to the holistic development of our students to ensure superior outcomes and strong employability prospects. Our teaching methodology is focused on knowledge, application of knowledge and enhancing skills. The modern and enhanced curriculum has a blend of immersive industry exposure through the training & internships, intensive personal & professional development through the Classroom sessions, Master class, Case studies, workshops, combined with CSR activities all come together to create an experiential learning process.

Classroom Sessions

Master Class


Assignments and Projects

Case Studies

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Professional Competencies

Entrepreneurial Skills

English Proficiency Training

Digital Learning

We want our students to learn with the most advance and digital techniques like:

BYOD Programme

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programme enhances students’ learning experience using online and mobile technologies within and outside the classroom. This allows them to work on course materials and to participate in a collaborative learning environment, thus making them tech-savvy.

Communication and Collaboration

LSI is one of the leading institutes that empower students using modern-day technologies, online sessions and other hi-tech modules of training. Apart from Google Apps, we harness the flexibility and functionality of portals like Google Classroom, Shared Calendars, Hangout and the Drive. Our faculty collaborates using GSuite. This enables them to get instant feedback from students and to track their progress while streamlining their writing and research work.

Prezi Presentation

Using visuals and movement instead of static text, Prezi catches and keeps the students’ interest. Jump freely from topic to topic, focusing on the syllabus we want to cover. Prezi’s unique format lets you show the whole story in context, displaying relationships between ideas in ways slides just can’t. Any subject is easier to remember when it all makes more sense.

YouTube Broadcasting

The presentations created by our students are broadcast on various platforms, including YouTube. This allows them to share their ideas and creativity with the world. The students themselves can create original content and share their own expertise with teachers, and classmates. This is a great way for students to develop an online presence and have a creative way to show what they know.

Educational Newsletters

Our Educational Newsletters feature the key highlights of the Institute, apart from presenting students’ achievements. The Newsletters also report the latest industry trends, growth and major events.

Training & Internships

A professional internship is an integral part of the curriculum that prepares the students to take on the clinical challenges later on in life. It will give practical exposure on top of your theoretical knowledge and is surely going to open up many doors for a lucrative career opportunity.


Nutrition and Dietetics Institute works closely with businesses to understand the skills required within the industry. Our internship and placement process is an integral part of our students’ life during and after their course. Our dedicated team of experts have developed a multi-level placement process that sources opportunities at local, national and international levels.

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