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Programme Description

Integrative healthcare encourages individuals, social groups, and communities to develop ways of living that promote meaning, resilience and well-being across the life course. The notion that physical health is separate from mental health has been undeniably debunked. The use of integrative approaches to health and wellness has grown within care settings across the globe. The objective of this Diploma course is to create awareness & set a healthy lifestyle through a well- structured curriculum.

Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Nutrition Dietetics Course Eligibility

Students and Health & Lifestyle enthusiasts

Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Nutrition Dietetics Course Duration

6 Months

Diploma Course

Credit based Diploma will be awarded to all candidates upon completion of the course.

Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Nutrition Dietetics Course Teaching

Online & Offline

  • Learn from Chief Mentor Luke Coutinho and his team
  • Learn about factors related to good health & a progressive lifestyle
  • Uniquely designed for individuals from any educational background
  • Highly qualified industry experts sharing their knowledge and experience
  • Theory & Practical approach: Enables the candidate to implement change in their lifestyle.
  • Credit based Diploma will be awarded to all candidates upon completion of the course.

Integrative health involves a blend of traditional medical care, alternative medicine and lifestyle care in pursuit of personal health and foremost wellbeing. Taking care of one’s health & lifestyle involves many different aspects. The program will majorly focus on following topics:

Course Name
Learn Healthy Cooking
Concept of Balanced Meals
Kitchen Pharmacy
Guidelines for physical activity
Learn about different nutrients
Importance of Probiotics & how to make them
Health Foods

Disclaimer: The Diploma programme offered by LSI is only for self-care and does not qualify the Diploma holder to commercially practice.

  • Knowledge on different food nutrients
  • Become more mindful of what you eat
  • Recognize the importance of kitchen spices as health promoters
  • Realize the basics of maintaining a healthy and balanced life
  • Appreciate the importance of Sleep, fasting, lifestyle changes & exercise
  • Understand the evidence linking foods, nutrients and dietary patterns to the ethology of major diet-related diseases
  • Identify the impact of stress and gut health on maintaining a good immunity
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Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be !

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